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Buying a property overseas is a significant investment and fluctuating exchange rates can make a huge difference to the final price you pay, both in terms of the deposit that you will pay, and also to the monthly costs that you have with your Spanish property.

At we help people every year to purchase their dream homes in Spain with our expertise in the Spanish mortgage market. We understand the impact of purchasing a property in a different currency to that which you earn as income.

We have partnerships with several currency brokers, all of which we have worked with for several years. We don’t recommend any particular broker as the best, because in the experience of ourselves and our previous clients, they have all proved competitive on price, and shown continued excellence in customer service. In fact, we think you should register with more than one broker anyway. If you are making a large transfer, or negotiating some long term rates, you will need to be registered in order to trade. It will be worth your while to shop around for the best rate.

The advantages of using a currency broker :-

Better exchange rates than your bank
Without High Street branches and massive overheads, your currency broker will be able to give you a better exchange rate than your bank. Foreign exchange is their core business.

No hidden charges
Arrange your foreign currency transactions as a Europa Mortgages referred client, and we guarantee that you will pay no transfer charges, no commission fees and no overseas bank receiving fees.

Protection against negative exchange rate movements
Unlike with the High Street Banks, you will be able to fix a favourable exchange rate for up to 2 years.

Simple to use service
When using one of our partner currency brokers, their friendly experts will develop an understanding of your circumstances and provide you with all the help and advice you need.

Complete peace of mind
You can be sure that as one of our clients, you will receive the very best service from our partners, and will receive your transfers on time, every time. As members of SWIFT, the world's largest payments and settlements network, you benefit from faster payments and highly secure transfers.

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