Why should I use a broker for my mortgage in Spain ?

You might well be asking that question right now, but if your life is anything like the cartoon above, adding a Spanish mortgage application into your juggling is not going to be easy.

There are good reasons to use a broker in the UK, and even more pertinent reasons in Spain :-

We cover the whole of market in Spain.  No matter where the property is, providing of course it is in a Spanish territory.  We consider all the lenders that are currently in the 'business of considering mortgages'.  We collaborate with these banks and have direct links to their 'Credit Risk departments' who remain the ones that make the final decision.

Which Spanish mortgage lender would you choose? You can contact and deal with most lenders direct, but where do you start ?

The mortgage process in Spain is the same as in my home country. Er, no, I'm afraid it isn't.

There is a language barrier still, even if many Spanish banking staff do speak English, many more don't. And you may still have a problem "presenting" your application to them. We know exactly what is required and the best ways of making the mortgage application.

Different Spanish mortgage lenders have different methods of calculating whether or not you will qualify for their mortgages. These can vary considerably. From our experience in the market we can identify suitable lenders when you submit us an application form for a decision in principle.

Because we are based in Spain we can discuss your application face to face with the relevant decision makers at the lenders. Much easier than you trying to get through to the right person on the phone.

What is the maximum length of mortgage I can have - is there an upper age limit ?

What LTV's (loans to value) are available?

In short, obtaining a mortgage in Spain is a time-consuming process, with a myriad of different pitfalls to avoid and hurdles to overcome. This is what we do, it's our job and we're experienced and good at it. So your best bet for obtaining your ideal Spanish mortgage or remortgage is to use our services at AmortgageinSpain.


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